Integration Services with SWIFT Infrastructure

Different systems connect differently with SWIFT infrastructure. SCORG offers integration services to integrate your systems and projects effectively with your local SWIFT interfaces.

SCORG’s end-to-end integration services include integration and implementation of SWIFT solutions and infrastructure as per your requirements. We will enable the integration of your projects with SWIFT interface, platform migration and SWIFT consolidation of all your offices within stipulated budgets. Our integration services will consider your current investment, as we endeavor to grant the best possible future ready solutions for you.

Our Key Strength Areas:

Experience & Expertise

SWIFT experts at SCORG will employ their technical knowledge and deploy the right set of integration tools such as SOAP/MQHA/AFT to facilitate smooth integration. Our dedicated team of specialists with deep industry experience and rich technical know-how will help you face integration challenges in the smartest possible method. They will assist to establish and synchronize SWIFT solutions into your technical environment.

End - to – End Solution

We will support you with the entire life cycle of project integration with SWIFT. Right from problem evaluation, examining prospective effects and issues on technical design and application environment, analyzing possible solutions, measuring effectiveness along with advocacy on best possible solutions, our SWIFT experts will assist you to provide an end-to-end solution for all stages of implementation.

On-Site Assistance & Consulting

SCORG can offer on-site assistance for all technical upgrades, integration implementation and migration for your local SWIFT infrastructure. Our consulting services will cover all aspects of integration – design, implementation, testing and quality check.