Customer Security Programme Assistance

Digitizing of financial industry has enhanced connectivity and speed of operations. This transformation, however, has also led to fears in the banking community concerning security challenges surrounding financial integrity of the system. With increased incidences of cyber crimes, there is a growing need to collaborate and create benchmarking standards to deal with security threats.

Security is the primary condition to successfully manage a financial architecture. But, there are numerous incidences when customers have experienced breach and theft of personal information in a local financial setting.

While personal vigilance and accountability for sharing sensitive information rest with an individual, the security, and integrity of data in the financial framework of the industry is a collaborative responsibility. To contribute towards this shared responsibility, SCORG Technologies offers SWIFT services to establish and support security benchmarking standards of the financial industry.

SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme (CSP) aims to safeguard and secure sensitive data exchange across the financial ecosystem, provide SWIFT applications to customers along with establishing controls for secured financial architecture for the customers.

The CSP will cover three areas of security:

Secure your environment

To secure your financial infrastructure, SWIFT services offered by SCORG Technologies would provide a series of control and check mechanisms to restrict undue internet access and isolate critical systems from general organizational IT infrastructure. By enabling well-timed and suitable security updates, The SWIFT services will limit risk vulnerabilities. It will ensure that the incidents of recurring cyber attacks and threats are limited to minimal by strengthening the overall integrity of the financial system. The physical framework of the system will also be secured.

Know and Limit Access

Firms operate in a connected financial ecosystem which is vulnerable to cyber threats irrespective of strong security checks in place. The possibility of suffering an information breach in a connected system gets enhanced. To overcome such scenarios, SWIFT services ensures sensitive credentials are not shared with unauthorized parties. Also, advanced tools are there to maintain identities and separate licenses and authorization of local infrastructure users.

Detect and Respond

SWIFT services offered by SCORG Technologies would develop and share best practices and tools for any unusual activities on systems and transactions. There will be a well-defined plan of action to detect and defend incident response as well as share required information within the financial community.

SCORG Technologies will help with implementing appropriate controls to safeguard the local SWIFT infrastructure at banks along with performing a detailed review of the current security status. Post the review, we help customers implement the gaps identified in the review.