Assistance with Mandatory Upgrade

There has been an urgent requirement to have the financial community on the same page of operations and security. This has mandated the need to update the existing technology related to SWIFT interface solutions. To enable continuity and seamless operation in the future, without risk of security breach, there is a need to update technical security standards.

Release 7.2 is the current requirement for technology refresh of SWIFT interfaces. Release 7.2 enables migrating to the 64-bit environment and uses all the features of the 64-bit hardware. The new environment has enhanced memory capacity, allows scalability, higher speed of application with enhanced security features. The enhanced security features provided with Release 7.2 will protect against malicious intent since the overall interface security has been boosted.

SCORG will provide assistance with mandatory technical upgrades related to SWIFT interface solutions. The Release 7.2 upgrades applies to Alliance Access, Alliance Entry, Alliance Gateway, Alliance WebPlatform Server-Embedded, SWIFTNet Link and SWIFT WebAccess. Release 7.2 also brings with it several enhancements related to FileAct.

It is mandatory for all customers to upgrade their local SWIFT infrastructure by the end of November 2018.

To accommodate this change and facilitate a seamless transition, we will assist in creating the required plan of action by providing the necessary guidance for the same. Our team has managed multiple large upgrades and migration programs for various clients globally. Based on the past experience, we follow a proper process to make your Release 7.2 migration fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Additionally, SCORG’s dedicated support team will assist you to handle all your queries related to Release 7.2 support and transition.