Hedge Accounting

SCORG Technologies has forayed into implementation of hedge accounting for Corporate Treasuries to enable them comply with Hedge Accounting rules and reduce their exposure to earnings volatility.

We are primarily focused on providing customized solutions and services in the Hedge Accounting & Derivatives Valuation service space. Our comprehensive solution suite covers all aspects of Hedge Accounting namely implementation, including the assistance required on documentation, derivatives valuation, effectiveness testing and hedge accounting.
Our service offering in the area of Hedge Accounting include:

Consulting Solution on Hedge Accounting and Valuation – SCORG consults clients on a range of Hedge Accounting issues. We help our clients comprehend multiple categories of risk to which they are exposed, and assist them to develop a comprehensive risk management policy to tackle those risks. SCORG enables corporate treasuries to successfully roll out their Hedge Accounting Practice in compliance with governing bodies and auditors etc.

Outsourced Treasury service on Hedge Accounting and Valuation – SCORG enables clients to significantly decrease their expenses incurred over system implementation and training on Hedge Accounting solutions. Our experienced in-house team of professionals having extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of Hedge Accounting and Valuation will assist you at all times.

Risk Reduction And Mitigation – SCORG has been instrumental in delivering derivative valuation for all categories of risk reduction and mitigation strategies – right from – foreign currency risk to interest rate risk to credit risk. Our team of consultants understands various accounting standards pertaining to hedge accounting namely Ind AS-30, UK –IAS 39, Europe-IAS 39, and US FAS 133.

Some examples of our hedge accounting & derivatives valuation services are listed below:

  • Prospective test at inception of hedge.
  • Retrospective hedge evaluation & estimation.
  • Assessment of potential effectiveness at each reporting date.
  • Establishing that reports comply with regulatory requirements of the corresponding business center.
  • Risk reports for the purpose of daily PnL.
  • Scenario analysis/what if analysis reports.

Some examples of our Reporting Services:

  • Valuation Reports for Covers
  • P&L Reports for the Exposures
  • Hedge Effectiveness Reporting
  • Management Reporting