Electronic Medical Record Solution

Easy, Efficient, Economical and Electronic Health Care Record Management System

eMRD Solution provides an easy-to-use electronic health record management. It helps health care organizations in maintaining and securing PHI (Protected Health Information). It also allows you to securely access the PHI anytime, from anywhere and across any device. eMRD Solution is one of the best cloud file storage softwares for doctors which assists them in diminishing the risk of HIPAA breach by coating a level of security over the current procedure of workflow. It actually lowers the costs and simplifies the overall workflow.

Safe, Quick and Easy Scanning, Storage and Retrieval Of Patient / Doctor Record!

Now with eMRD Solution, clinics and hospitals can securely store all of their patient’s files and documents, prescriptions, billing records, other relevant data in one repository that are important for future references. Before storing, the user can manually scan and index all the documents accordingly. This makes those files easily searchable and instantly retrievable. The health care professionals can search/scan documents through barcode, UHID (Unique Hospital Identification), Document Annotation, etc..

eMRD Solution caters safe and economical management of every single patient medical details electronically to prevent the risk of HIPAA and other compliance breaches.

eMRD Solution Features


Manual Scanning and Indexing of Medical Records

Every single part of the medical record is scanned and indexed by the health care professionals. Document Annotations can be added/deleted accordingly. The user gets an option of doing Quality Check (QC) before storing, sharing and syncing the documents. These documents are retrievable anytime, from anywhere and by any authorized personnel.


One Repository for Efficient Document Management System

For extensive sharing possibilities, eMRD Solution allows its users to duly store all the records in one place, making it accessible to use across multiple devices. For the supreme level of security, eMRD Solution utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/ Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption on every record stored on the server. SSL technology is used for transferring each and every data.


File Imaging Solution

eMRD Solution image service consists of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This means the user can save the content of the print information without any data entry as OCR helps in converting scanned images into text data.


Strong Authentication, Configure Access and Authorization

Control the access of data record to right level of people with easy configuration methods. Strong authentication and identity-based security password can ensure that only particular group of people can see/use, add/delete, share, access and sync the health records. Confidential presentation, financial records, etc. can be protected by FAC (Flexible Access Control) Passwords.

Benefits of eMRD Solution Document Management System


Prevents Breach of HIPAA and of other Compliances


Saves Time, Money, and Effort


Avoids Mishandling of Patient / Doctor Critical and Confidential Data


Eliminates the Possibilities of Duplicacy, Forgery, Manipulation of Health Record


Security of Hospitals and Clinics Database


Duly Backups All the Important Health Records


Lets You Go Paperless!


Quick, Smart and Easy Access


Compatible with All Kinds of Devices

Instant Access Of Documents To Right Group Of People

Action speaks louder than words, try eMRD Solution free trial version for 14 days today and experience the merits in action. It has everything a health care industry requires.

All medical record in single economically designed archive with user-friendly interface. eMRD Solution can be synced with any device, according to the infrastructure of the organization, based on its size and budget.

Assess Return On Investment For Digital File Management System

For any reputed health industry, loss of Health Management Information (HMI) means enormous loss of revenue and credibility. But keeping critical information available to the professionals & Doctors who need it is also a tremendous challenge at the facility, which delivers outstanding, cutting-edge care.

eMRD Solution let the users save the extra labor cost that every health care organization employs for document management, annually. Around 8,00,000/- INR can be saved abolishing the use of 80% paperwork, without losing any file elements. Many renowned health institutions have adopted the use of eMRD Solution and has titled it as “the cornerstone of electronic medical records (EMR) system”.

What Our Customers Say

Medical Records Director,

eMRD Solution gave us what we needed, it is very user-friendly. And we could implement it and have a direct integration with the existing HMI system, which manages our patient management system. We manage patient charts electronically. The interface is easily written, using the HL7 protocol. We created index fields that allow authorized staff throughout the hospital to quickly search for any records. At the end of just two weeks, we had scanned all the records from the previous month. We had a fully functional system and the coders were coding remotely. Getting this kind of technology solution in place normally takes months.

Switching to “eMRD Solution” produced dramatic results in streamlining workflow and hospital processes.