FX- Exposure Management System

Present day volatility in banking and financial sector has established the need for a technology solution to embrace risk management for financial organizations. Most of the firms in hedge funding and treasury continue to have strategic concerns related to better view of cash flow movements, risk management, concurrent monitoring and reporting along with zero error auditing and compliance.

The external market fluctuations do not provide a scope for manual management of strategic concerns surrounding hedge funding and treasury. Managing market risk and financial processes effectively involves a 360 degree view of economic environment prevailing both at national and international level.

Keeping these concerns in view, SCORG Technologies forayed into designing an exposure management solution (EMS) for hedge funding business.
The solution is effective in:

  • All comprehensive risk management
  • Avert process related errors
  • Enhancing operational productivity
  • Moving from agreement based methodology to procedure based methodology
  • Adhering your business to IFRS and modern hedge fund accounting guidelines
  • Revamping effort utilization for audit
  • Enhancing operational productivity through automated tools and technologies

Financial firms will enhance their operational effectiveness multifold through SCORG Technologies Exposure Management System (EMS). The solution will allow hedge funds to harness the power of technology for effective monitoring and control of the fund’s exposure to market risk.

Exposure Management System (EMS) mitigates the risk associated with known and unknown variables and improves risk management process by improving the analytical capabilities through real-time performance analysis.

EMS will give a bird’s eye view on hedge fund’s operation, better control mechanisms and real-time monitoring and reporting. With EMS, firms can automate their processes to save time, effort and cost of people resources.

Features of EMS will allow hedge fund managers and CFO’s to :

  • Oversee fund’s business complies with hedge policies
  • Track and manage exposures and covers within stipulated time period
  • Have a real time, 360 degree view of fund’s operation with respect to actual and projected cash flow, various market positions, exposures in different exchanges and currencies
  • Concurrent access to market and exposure reports through MIS for CFO and top management for strategic decision support
  • Comprehensive audit report tracking all outcomes

SCORG’s EMS acts as a decision support system – for hedge fund managers and CFO’s. It is a strategic tool giving answers to funds profitability by enabling to create risk assessment models for risk control and mitigation. SCORG – EMS is the next generation answer to hedge fund risk mitigation and exposure management.