Internet of Things


Bridge the real and virtual world through SCORG’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology to revolutionize the way you operate your business. Our IoT capabilities will reinvent your value proposition by channelizing the power of enhanced connectivity and data flow across devices.

SCORG’s IoT framework will enable you to create an atmosphere of accountability and enhanced transparency through complex analytics and insights for real-time applicability and cross functional connectivity.

Our IoT solution collects, processes and analyzes multiple categories of data in real-time basis at an extremely fast pace as compared to traditional data analytics model. The actionable insights are channeled to improve performance and productivity multifold.

SCORG IoT framework allows designing complex and connected ecosystem which is:

  • Scalable
  • Handles high volume multiple stream of data
  • Produces action oriented rich insights
  • Correlates different data configuration and designs

Explore the power of SCORG IoT to -

  • Redefine customer experience by processing and deriving meaningful inferences from customer data through connected devices
  • Harness intelligent learning systems to offer you insights for business strategies to enter new markets, develop new products, target new customer groups
  • Have a birds eye-view of your business operations and evaluate profitability and productivity by real-time monitoring
  • Enable time and cost optimization

Transform your business by leveraging SCORG’s IoT technology proficiency, strong delivery system and rich domain specific knowledge to push your business to untouched heights.