Data Science


Through SCORG’s Data Science services, we provide the right mix of technical, quantitative and predictive techniques to enable you to extract insightful solution for decision support and Business Intelligence (BI) purpose. Our wide spectrum of data science techniques will enable you to segregate and employ business centric information and conduct statistical analysis for improved sales and CRM performance.

Data science if carried in the correct way is instrumental in driving sales revenue, minimize expenses, reach your most favorable customer, improve CRM efforts, and minimize operational risks with certainty. Machine learning and artificial intelligence would make your organization smarter with enhanced connectivity across devices enabling uninterrupted information flow saving valuable time.

We have proven expertise in technology areas related to Machine Learning, AI, Statistics, R, Python, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Flume, and SPARK etc. SCORG’s Data science team will enable your business get smarter and intelligent in operation.