Application Development & Management


Changing dynamics in industry, business and technology landscapes are constantly creating opportunities for new software solutions. Bringing these solutions to the marketplace at an accelerated rate provides our clients an early mover advantage and avoids wasting time and unnecessary spend in playing catch up.

SCORG Technologies have a proven track record of successfully working with software technology organizations over the last 9 years. We're continually evolving our capabilities to assist software technology businesses to do extra with less: supply software program answers on famous and trending structures quicker and deliver excellence within time constraints, with fewer resources, and decreased costs. We achieve this by adopting and standardizing first-class practices and leveraging improvement accelerators as often as feasible.

SCORG’s dedicated application development team has extensive experience in building web applications that are robust and scalable. We follow Agile practices to make sure that we can achieve early marketability of the application for our clients and we practice a system of continuous development which helps us build faster, test smaller advancements and launch releases more frequently.

Companies all around are looking to flex their businesses or services quickly in response to changes in the industry and the economy and to drive growth irrespective of rapidly fluctuating market conditions. The best and most cost-efficient way for them to do so is to undertake frequent product or application advancements. This effort at rapid advancement however, can often negatively affect programming quality, increasing the potential for errors. The key is to ensure that programming teams are able to incorporate quality with programming at each application advancement stage. SCORG’s application advancement services help business owners take on market changes and rapidly reinvent their offerings.

SCORG helps clients in scaling up rapidly and expanding mission-critical IT frameworks using application advancement tools which complete the project in shorter time (up to 65% faster than conventional application advancement approaches), while keeping up best practices and without compromising on basic principles of software development.


There are three key stages which the SCORG team goes through for every application development project - Planning, Development and Maintenance of the software. Each stage is given its due importance so that the complete software development process functions smoothly without unnecessary design-feedback-redesign loops

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