Life at SCORG

SCORG Technologies in India is an energetic and dynamic technology firm, which prospers on an endeavor to go the extra mile, along with a commitment to offer employees ample growth and learning opportunities in the process. We strongly believe that our employees are our greatest asset and hard work must be coupled with a satisfying work environment to make work-life enriching and enjoyable.

In sync with our belief, SCORG engages in a spectrum of activities like sports, trips, CSR and events to rejuvenate employees through a vibrant work culture. Team building exercises are held through company events, team lunches and trips. The activities are organized both at team and organizational level to improve and enhance interactions between colleagues. Such interactions provide a scope for better socialization and communication within team and across organization.

SCORG Technologies has an empathetic and encouraging work culture with a flexi-timing work practice, where employees can manage their work and life flexibly. There is a culture of frankness, which encourages employees to share new ideas with top management for open discussion. We have team based roles, however, individual contribution is respected and duly credited and rewarded.

SCORG Technologies aims to provide a healthy work-life balance to its employees along with multiple development and leaning opportunities.

We strongly believe that’s employee’s growth contributes to organizational growth in the long run.